Bitterroot Valley Forest Products

 At Bitterroot Valley Forest Products, our mission is to provide the finest quality specialty wood products on the market. We continually work to improve our existing product lines and develop new products to stay on the cutting edge of the wood products industry. We have, and always will be a Montana based business, and in keeping with that we employ Montana people and utilize Montana products whenever feasible.

Our commitment to sustainable forestry is evident in every aspect of our business, we use beetle-kill and standing dead wood in some of our product lines.  We have partnerships with forest conscious mills and utilize our wood shavings biproduct for our line of animal bedding. We are continuously striving to make our business more eco-friendly.

Our commitment to our customers is evident in everything we do. We are driven to produce the most consistent products available. Quality control is of the utmost importance to us. You can be assured that Bitterroot Valley Forest Products will do everything in its power to resolve any product quality issue that may arise.

Bitterroot Valley Forest Products is proud to be the industry leader in specialty wood products and values the long term relationships it has built with both customers and suppliers over the last 30 years. We look forward to continuing to provide the industry with quality products, delivered in a timely fashion, at an affordable price.


The strength and depth of Bitterroot Valley Forest Products is our diversity. We are proud to have our product lines used in projects across the country.


We provide the most common patterns on the market as well as numerable specialty patterns that we have developed for our customers specific needs.