EPEX 30P is our Premium, void free, all clear, Finger Joint Radiata Pine substrate. It is treated, primed with a satin finish using Sherwin Williams exterior acrylic latex Superpaint primer with Advanced Resin Technology, sanded and buffed with a smooth face, interior/exterior trim product. It comes with a 30 year treated warranty and a 15 year primer warranty. Every piece is smooth, flat, straight and is the top of the line choice for fascia, soffit and rake, decorative columns, corner boards, door and window trim. When it comes to a quality product, EPEX 30 stands above the competition in the market today.


  •  EPEX 30P offers a 30 year Treated Substrate Warranty.
  • EPEX 30P offers a 15 year Primer Warranty.
  • Specified Lengths
  • Easy to install-lightweight
  • Treatment inhibitors added guarding against rot, mold, & termites
  • No Special disposal procedures
  • No carcinogens or heavy metals
  • Straight and true
  • National distribution
  • Low VOC
  • Type 1 exterior grade glue
  • Primer used has “Green Sure” designation
  • No Fire hazards
  • Custom packaging


4/4″ in 2″ thru 12″ widths and 8′-20′ lengths
5/4″ in 2″ thru 12″ widths and 8′-20′ lengths
8/4″ in 2″ thru 12″ widths and 8′-20′ lengths