EPEX 30S is our Solid, tight grain, tight knot, kiln dried, high quality treated SPF line of products. Available in multiple textures for any project style. It comes with a 30 year treated substrate warranty and a 15 year primer warranty. Every piece of EPEX 30S is graded for 100% usage being wane free with tight knots and grain. It is the top of the line solid choice for fascia, soffit and rake, decorative columns, corner boards, door and window trim. When it comes to a quality product, EPEX 30 stands above the competition in the market today.


  • EPEX 30S offers a 30 year Treated Substrate Warranty.
  • EPEX 30S offers a 15 year Primer Warranty.
  • Specified Lengths
  • Sub Fascia not required
  • Priced significantly lower than composites
  • Easy to install-lightweight
  • Treatment inhibitors added guarding against rot, mold, & termites
  • Moisture content is monitored at each step in manufacturing process
  • No Special disposal procedures
  • No carcinogens or heavy metals
  • Straight and true
  • National distribution
  • Low VOC
  • Sherwin-Williams exterior acrylic latex Superpaint primer with
  • Advanced Resin Technology
  • Primer used has “Green Sure” designation
  • No Fire hazards
  • Custom packaging
  • Direct shipping to job site available


4/4″ in 2″ thru 12″ widths and 8′-16′ lengths
5/4″ in 2″ thru 12″ widths and 8′-20′ lengths
8/4″ in 2″ thru 12″ widths and 8′-20′ lengths


“Quality Without Compromise”