Since 1976, Bitterroot Valley Forest Products has created value through innovation. Our mission is to serve our customers with products that provide both a high level of performance and exceptional aesthetic appeal. Montana Ghost Wood is an outstanding example of applying Bitterroot innovation to produce excellence with this new unique product.

With years of development behind it, Montana Ghost Wood delivers the distinctive look and character of reclaimed wood with the performance of a new wood product. Users enjoy ease of installation and reasonable pricing. It is an unmatched value.

Montana Ghost Wood is the perfect choice for the eco-conscious user. We strive to use SFI and FSC certified lumber, beetle killed and forest fire killed timber in the production of Montana Ghost Wood products.

Bitterroot Valley Forest Products is constantly working on “green” and sustainable practices. Montana Ghost Wood includes the use of eco-friendly finishes that have proven themselves as both “green” and effective for over 60 years. “Green” principles are at work from the creation of Montana Ghost Wood to the recycling of all of our shavings, chips and sawdust into animal bedding and compost.

“Green” from start to finish, quality throughout, that is the difference only Montana Ghost Wood can deliver