Montana Ghost Wood is a product that mirrors the look of reclaimed wood while providing greater durability and function at approximately 1/2 the cost. In response to the ever- increasing demand for the look of reclaimed wood in new construction, we have developed the Montana Ghost Wood product line to accomplish two things:

  • The first goal: To provide an option to home builders and designers that would not involve the destruction of our ghost towns and historic buildings.
  • The second goal: To make the look of reclaimed wood available at a more affordable price, and in a more usable form.

Through each step of production we cull defective boards, allowing the end user to utilize each piece. In comparison, 30 to 70% of reclaimed wood ends up being unusable to the builder. Making the use of reclaimed wood not only detrimental to our historical sites, but to the pocket book as well.

Please visit our Montana Ghost Wood site for all product information.